fine art

A selection of personal works
the monsoon series - ocean
The Monsoon Series - Ocean
2012 - Ongoing
the bonds of earthly desires
The Bonds of Earthly Desires
tears of stone
Tears of Stone
2012 - Ongoing
dorje shunu's fight
Dorje Shunu's Fight
2008 - 2012
soul steps
Soul Steps
the room of 1000 demons
The Room of 1000 Demons
2010 - 2011
the monsoon series - himalaya
The Monsoon Series - Himalaya
2013 - Ongoing
whirling monks
Whirling Monks
whirling monks
Mustang Caves
2012 - Ongoing
Thoughts Over


Luigi Fieni

Body is not a project within multiple projects. It is a kind of container that keeps all my landscape shooting coherent. It is not a way to categorize images and style, rather a way to embody one's feelings through nature.

With the exception of the series, each landscape project has a life of its own. Each portfolio started with different purposes and it was developed to show different emotions or concepts through different interpretations of the landscape, which in my way of feeling, is one side of me.

The beauty lying in the silence and the emptiness of nature goes beyond what my own eyes can see. Fixing the moment of a landscape in a shot is just a spark starting up a fire of feelings. That moment of nature turns into a moment of myself. The photograph captures my thoughts and feelings drawn in the lines of nature. They blend. In that very moment, they live as one.

Nature is not only a random consequence of the interaction of the four elements. Nature is a part of myself and through its forms my emotions get manifested, they get a shape. They get a real form.

As the story goes, these words will remain as such. Feelings, that's a different story. Through my images, I try to fill that gap.


Soul is the container of my projects focused on human emotions. Manifold feelings in need of a strong way to be manifested, a strong way to get out of oneself.

It is energy at its purest level, which is why I started showing it while photographing dances. Dance is undeniably a way of communicating feelings through body movements, a form of communication unfolded long before mankind developed the power of speech.

Through the dance then, human body becomes the expression of the soul, exposing the full range of emotions a human being can conceive. Body stops being flesh, it just disappears, giving way to our soul to lay bare.

Static photos turned to be useless, to me, to depict such a deep level of interactions within our soul. That is why the blur became the choice for capturing those feelings in my shots. Emotions, even the clearest, are synonym of confusion. Not a single one prevails, not a single one stands out. They are like waves, they live together. Some stronger, some weaker they are always part of the same tide.