Works on Paper

Ink - Pencil - Watercolors

works on paper

ink - pencil - watercolors


Luigi Fieni

I started drawing since I could hold a pencil in my hands. I fell in love with the magic of paper since I was a kid and I kept drawing ever since, even though at times I stopped for years because drawn away from other projects that populated my life such as conservation and photography. Here I would like to show some of my works I made with pencil and Nepalese paper some time ago. Some were made in Mustang during my free time, some others were made when I was in Europe. Nonetheless, they all share one common truth. My love for Nepal.


The paintings I made on ink were born mainly as studies for the reconstruction of the missing wall paintings in Thupchen Gonpa. I used to paint before or after the project working hours or during the days off to keep my hands trained. The figures depicted were all copied from the monastery and then I composed them on paper shuffling each element to my personal taste. As to my liking I wanted to go back to the roots of thangka making, when the images depicted were not reproduced to look real but were merely a representation of a purer space with pure beings. That's why there is no shading. The works are not finished for I still need to add the gold to all jewelry.