Buddhist Nuns & Monks

2010 - 2019

buddhist nuns & monks

An American Himalayan Foundation Project
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The American Himalayan Foundation

Buddhism is the lifeblood of the Himalaya. The monasteries, nunneries, and temples are centers of worship and learning that connect Tibetans, Lobas, and Sherpas to both their heritage and daily life. They are homes for monastics, students, and scripture, and the strength of these institutions contributes directly to the well-being of the community both in times of crisis and celebration. AHF supports monasteries, nunneries and temples from Mustang to Tibet, from the Khumbu to Kathmandu.

When the king of Mustang asked AHF to help revive Lo Monastic, the school had only a dozen monks who lived in dilapidated quarters. But today, it is thriving and respected within and beyond Mustang as a learned institution. The 90 student monks receive a comprehensive education through the Shedra, or college level, and no longer have to leave Upper Mustang for higher studies. The monks have revived traditional dances and perform prayers and pujas for the entire Lo community. Lo and other monasteries in Mustang have once again become the cultural and religious anchors of their communities.

Although they are an equally essential part of the fabric that binds Buddhist communities, nuns typically receive less support than their monk peers, often forcing them to take months away from their practice to beg for alms. AHF supports nuns so they can fully devote themselves to the dharma, and have a home and a safe place to study, sleep, and pray.