Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

2011 - 2019

rehabilitation of disabled children

An American Himalayan Foundation Project
The Story


The American Himalayan Foundation

The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children is now a world-recognized center. A team of dedicated doctors, led by Dr. Banskota, perform 1,500 surgeries each year. The rehabilitation begins with physical therapy, and any necessary prosthetics. And it doesn’t stop there: HRDC has community-based rehabilitation services that follow up with children in their villages and teach their families how to care for them.  Three satellite surgical centers extend the hospital’s reach throughout the country so that simple injuries can be treated closer to home.

More than 43,000 children have been mended so far.

Dr. Banskota started out working alone. But he quickly realized that he would need help. It is a testament to his vision that his solution to needing “more good hands” evolved into an orthopedic residency training program which he oversees. During the course of the residents’ five year program, they are the backbone of the surgical team at the hospital (pun intended), which allows the three operating rooms to function at full capacity. Twenty-five residents have graduated thus far and another eight are in training now.

To see them bending over their small patients in the wards or in one of the ORs, always busy but still taking time to combine compassion with good medical care for such disadvantaged children, is to see Dr. Banskota’s dream at work. As one resident recently said, “For me, HRDC is not a hospital. It’s a temple.”