Tibetan Elders Home

2013 - 2019

tibetan elders home

An American Himalayan Foundation Project
The Story


The American Himalayan Foundation

Tibetan elders have had very hard lives and often come to their twilight years alone and destitute. So it seems only right that they have some dignity and comfort, and we have been honored to look out for them through helping buy and support this home in Kathmandu.

The Tibetan elders who come here all do so after a lifetime of struggle as refugees with no one else to turn to, too old to work and without family or means. So their welcome into the loving care of a dedicated group of Tibetan women is deeply appreciated. This dynamic volunteer group makes sure the elders have shelter, meals and medical care and more - they have created a spare but peaceful refuge for them with a sunny courtyard and a place to gather to spin their prayer wheels.

The American Himalayan Foundation makes it a point to visit these lovely elders every time they pass through Kathmandu, and there is always a deep sense of gratitude among the residents, as well as a quiet pride in the perseverance of the Tibetan way of life. The home and its community mean everything to these Tibetans who have no other family except one another. Here they can have friendship, dignity and peace.