Earthquake Relief Fund

2015 - 2016

earthquake relief fund

An American Himalayan Foundation Project
The Story


The American Himalayan Foundation

The American Himalayan Foundation set up a special earthquake relief fund soon after a terrible quake hit Nepal on April 25 2015. The fund was meant to be used to provide help and support to the people involved in all the projects AHF has been sponsoring in the affected areas.

A month after the quake 8,669 people dead, 384 still missing. 500,223 homes destroyed, 2.8 million people homeless. 250 aftershocks and still counting. At least $2 billion needed. These daunting statistics are an indicator of the enormity of the destruction, devastation and desperation caused by the earthquakes.

These photos were commissioned to help fund raising yet to show the strength of the Nepalese people and their will to stand back on their feet and start a new life, regardless of all destruction they suffered from.