2016 - 2019


A Homage to Nature and Macro
The Story



As official photographer for Orticolario, which is a homage to nature through an evolved conception and understanding of the garden, all my photography related to flowers and macro comes from my collaboration with them. Nurtured by the fascination for flowers and their gentle charm, it takes you on a sensory path of colours and scents, against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Como.


Motivated by a passion for gardening and a love for nature, a group of friends in Como decided to promote this initiative with the help of the historic “Società Ortofloricola Comense” society and the “Distretto Florovivaistico Altro Lombardo”.

The historic setting of the prestigious Villa Erba with its gardens overlooking Lake Como brings back the tradition of Como Villas as an important and exclusive location of botanical exhibition. At the same time, the Villa offers visitors an incredible natural background to explore the themes of culture, enhancement of landscape, botany and biodiversity.


Nature is a dynamic reality and Orticolario represents the desire to live in a dynamic and evolved conception of the garden. Our gardening space (a balcony, a backyard, a greenhouse or an orchard, or whatever kind of place where our bond with nature becomes unique) changes with our passions as much as with seasons. This bond and intimacy with nature is straightened and intensified through an exploration of new colours, scents and creations that elicit emotions and responses that only Art, in all its unique forms, could express.

Just as Orticolario evolves, so too the scope of projects and events it is involved with widens, becoming more international and seeking out exciting opportunities. From faraway regions of Italy and Europe, bearers of knowledge, experts and storytellers “behind the leaves” share their experiences and collections with an attentive audience, interested in the latest botanical updates and discoveries. The hands of mankind forge stone, shape clay, textiles, herbs and other natural materials into shapes and objects that are now artforms.