Tears of Stone

2012 - ongoing

tears of stone

A Limited Edition Portfolio
Thoughts Over


Luigi Fieni

The portfolio was shot in Mustang, a remote region of the Nepalese Himalaya. A place where I have worked, a space were I have lived for nearly two decades: an enchanted open jail of a high altitude desert.

And just like in a prison, time becomes the only means to observe, the silence its key of interpretation. My images like eyes trying to capture the misleading forms of beauty within Nature that only the waiting manage to unfold.

Each and every shot a contemplation through silence, waiting for the very moment where the knowledge of what we have in front of our eyes shifts into something else. Reality is a lie and perception is deceiving.

The state of things as they actually exist turns into a mere interpretation of what is altered around us: light, rain, snow, sun, even moods. The truth of things does not exist but in our own mind.


Emptiness. Silence.
The whisper of the wind pushing the limits of reality.
The discordance of shapes. Flawless proportion.
And silence.
A clash of colors, intimacy of disharmonious enchantment.
Casts as emotions. Each feeling, a shade.
Bliss, deceitful solitude.
Silence persists.
Calm in anguish, completeness in desolation.
Boundless lingering: a shrouded reverence.
The diversity of elements an unrivaled beauty.
Silence: overwhelming.
Lay a whisper, a burst to cry.
My tears of stone.


Archival Prints are available in the following LE sizes:

40 by 60 cm ( ~16 by 24 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
60 by 90 cm ( ~24 by 36 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
100 by 150 cm ( ~39 by 59 in ) : Limited Edition of 5 + 1 AP