The Monsoon Series - Ocean

2012 - ongoing

the monsoon series - ocean

A Limited Edition Portfolio
Thoughts Over


Luigi Fieni

This is an on-going portfolio started in 2012 featuring photos taken in different trips to Bali and Thailand during the monsoon season. The shooting was carried out with an InfraRed camera and different IR or ND filters. And very reliable waterproof camera bags, of courseā€¦

The focus of the portfolio is the interaction of the monsoon with the ocean and the beauty that can be created through the ephemeral interaction of natural elements. A journey to explore the synergy of earth, clouds and water so as to capture the moment when all these elements blend themselves into wonder.
A moment that will be conceived/generated once and never again, never the same.

Beauty as transformation.


A wind of change, the dark ocean waves.
Boundless clouds silently unfold, the songs of the sea-waves resound.
Then sudden silence. Drops tickling.
The rain diving into the scent of the ocean.
Crushing waves along the shore.
Mist casting off the haze. The dawning of a storm.
The ocean. Surrounded. Confined.
Wind and rain raging through the waves of desire.
The ocean rising to touch the sky.


Archival Prints are available in the following LE sizes:

40 by 60 cm ( ~16 by 24 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
60 by 90 cm ( ~24 by 36 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
100 by 150 cm ( ~39 by 59 in ) : Limited Edition of 5 + 1 AP