The Monsoon Series - Himalaya

2013 - ongoing

the monsoon series - himalaya

A Limited Edition Portfolio
Thoughts Over


Luigi Fieni

This is an on-going portfolio started in 2013 during my summers in Mustang, Nepal. The portfolio was carried out with an InfraRed camera and different IR or ND filters. Most of the time a horse and my feet were the only way to get to each location.

Himalayan Monsoons carry an unconventional interweaving of feelings and emotions. The way wind and clouds hinder the stillness of the mountains changes unconditionally the mood of a place, creating dream-like atmosphere and surreal landscapes.

Wandering through the Himalaya suddenly brings the sense of oppression along as a consequence of being helpless in between the elements, the sense of impotence of a grain of sand smashed against the majesty of the mountains and against the incoming sense of power brought by unfathomable clouds.

Clouds that relentlessly, inexorably take over timeless high peaks and harsh land, leaving no room for anyone, thus far changing the perception of the Himalaya.

Earth, clouds and sky melting together to shape natural works of art. Not solely earth, not utterly sky, not wholly clouds. Blended elements to create one, single, ephemeral creation.


Earth melting with wind.
Mountains turning into clouds.
Two souls into one.
Timeless earth, the wind trapped by silence.
Clouds crawling across, a white river flows.
Shadows painted by the wind, the last ray of light swallowed by the clouds.
Darkness, skimmed down.
The sky lower and lower.
The breeze whistles through the earth, a deafening sense of emptiness.
Powerless, at the mercy of the elements.
Intoxicating smell of earth, a sense of change.
A sharp wind complains.
Light breaking through the dark.
The sky blue once again, the long wait ends.


Archival Prints are available in the following LE sizes:

40 by 60 cm ( ~16 by 24 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
60 by 90 cm ( ~24 by 36 in ) : Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP
100 by 150 cm ( ~39 by 59 in ) : Limited Edition of 5 + 1 AP