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Luigi Fieni

Until now, my social photography, if it can be categorized this way, highlights mainly my work as a photographer for The American Himalayan Foundation.

The stories are a selection from the shootings the foundation uses to publicize their projects among their sponsors and to fundraise as well as creating awareness on many social problems that are affecting the Himalayan region and the Nepalese lowlands.

AHF builds schools, plants trees, trains doctors, funds hospitals, takes care of children and the elderly, and restores sacred sites. The San Francisco-based organisation also helps Tibetans rebuilding and maintaining their culture both in exile and inside Tibet.

The texts describing the photographs of all AHF projects are copyright of AHF.


As the title suggests, I use the term editorial to distinguish it from other markets like corporate, advertising, general commercial, or fine art.

Finally editorial/photo illustration in the most basic definition of the term it refers to photography commissioned for magazines, books to illustrate the written word.

This is not the definition of editorial style however. Editorial style refers to artwork that tells a story or communicates a concept or idea. A very strong editorial image will evoke a feeling in the viewer and should be able to stand alone, without explanation. Atmosphere, lighting, composition…the elements and principles of design play an important role in weaving a visual tale. Editorial photography often allows for a vastly larger opportunity for creative freedom.