2016 - 2017


Blending Boundaries
The Story


Human Nature

These photographs were shot for Orticolario and developed with different themes in mind over a more universal concept of the human being and its deep link with nature.


In ancient mythology the lunar deity was not only a female goddess. Represented in so many different forms and ways over the centuries and throughout our different cultures, Orticolario wanted to depict the moon as being born from nature with all its purity. A celestial body revealing itself in its stillness, silently staring at us, quietly watching over us.


From the dawn of time, a muse and inspiration in every culture, in mythology and legend. Nature’s gift to the Earth, to light the darkness, her “libration” in the cosmos is an eternal dance that presents us with varied depictions of the same face. This is the Moon.

The splendour of her reflective light brightens the nights of every season in which gardens and forests awaken our senses to a different world. The Moon regulates the passing of time, her attraction to the earth moves the oceans’ waters… what is legend and what is truth?

Orticolario observes, discovers and tells her story, below the sweet allure of her fragrant light.

Glancing beyond the confines of our gardens, the most beautiful and purest mirror invites us to discover and observe, with new eyes and from various perspectives, the largest garden of all, the Earth.


This is a selection of photographs taken during the shooting of the official 360° video for Orticolario 2016. The beauty of forms created by the movement of a ribbon dancer gives us glimpses of Orticolario through the gardens of Villa Erba in Como lake.